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Your work makes you "GOD"

Lord Ram, Lord Krishna...... What do you know about them? Krishna killed evil doers, enlightened us with Srimada Bhagvada Gita, became witness to the war between good and evil (Mahabharata). Ram killed Ravana and established a great and peaceful empire. This is what you know about them, don't you? I bet majority of you have no idea that Ram lived long after the battles with Ravana and Krishna also lived long even after Mahabharata, can you tell me, what they were doing after these "Deeds"? If no.... Won't you agree (At-least to an extent) that you know nothing even about god except his "WORK/Great deeds", if yes, what should you learn from this? Maybe you should learn that this is a universal rule that you are known only for your work..... Hannibal crossed alps with elephants, massacred a much more powerful and disciplined Roman army in the battle of Cannae and made himself immortal (In short, his work made him immortal). Alexander the great conquered Persia (A much more powerful Asian empire and reached the borders of the mighty Magadha Empire) he is also known for his WORK and not for his sex life or for how many children he had (Even I don't know if he had any or not). Men or God, most of you only know about their work, so why do you think people will know you for how much money you have in your bank account or for how sexy your Wife/Girlfriend is? This is all a mirage..... Sooner or later, you have to look beyond and when you do...... You have only your deeds (WORK) that will define you, NOTHING ELSE!!


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