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Work - The essence of life

Our life doesn't end when we die, it keeps on going, it ends when those who know us are dead as well but I don't think Napoleon Bonaparte will ever die, will he?

I want to live forever, will I succeed? Who knows?

We can't answer the above question but we certainly can ask another question, and what is that?

Will I try to be immortal?

And the answer should always be an astounding YES!

What defines us? Let me share my view, the property that we own, the mobile phone or the laptop that we use, the car we drive, none of this defines US. What defines us is what we do with our life, so the only way to become immortal is to work that gives you a place in history. I know it will sound like a daydream and maybe that's exactly what it is, but isn't it worth pursuing? Don't tell me it isn't, it certainly is. Dreams don't expect anything from you except your efforts, all of us are hard working people, we all work, so why not work in the right direction?

Work is the essence of our life and how we change the other lives, how we affect them defines our place in the world. You don't have to do anything special, all you have to do is to be the best in whatever you do and this so called "Dream" becomes your reality.

Your material possessions will never get you this ultimate goal, your work will.

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