Wolfpack VS King of the jungle!

No, I'm not talking about either. It's about you.

There are two type of people.

1) The wolf-pack kind

2) King of the jungle

Let's talk about both of these one by one....

1) The Wolf-Pack

Most of you will agree that today's world is nothing but a jungle...

Some people perform and feel comfortable in teams and these are the people who prefer a wolf-pack strategy to survive in our modern jungle, they associate themselves to a great team and this team then becomes un-beatable. If they win - They all win, if they fail - They all fail. This team becomes such a great challenge that most of their competitors either stay away or they themselves have to become a wolf-pack before taking this pack head-on. In such cases, the better the pack, the better the chances of survival in our modern jungle. This kind of people are mostly attracted by the hard-work, dedication and team spirit of others, they strive to become one of the pack and find a place for themselves in the ranks of this pack. Example: Doctors working in the largest hospital chains, Auditors working with Big4, etc.

The pros of wolf-pack mentality:

1) Instant multiplication of power (One for all and all for one)

2) Clear path to follow (You already know what lies ahead)

3) Idol to follow (I want to be like him, I want to become that person)

4) The better the pack, the more the respect (This team always delivers)

5) No lone struggle, always someone to hold on to (We are in this together)

The cons of wolf-pack mentality:

1) Can't take initiative (Team doesn't approve this, please refrain)

2) Creativity is seldom appreciated (That sounds great but what's in it for all of us?)

3) Why should I be the only one all the time (If others are not working, why should I?)

4) We are the best (Competition is curtailed to keep the team happy)

5) We are content (This thing might do wonders on the personal level but it kills on the professional level)

2) The king of the Jungle