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Bedtime story for adults #Four

A "Lone" wolf

They are so many and I'm all alone, what should I do? Thought Wolfy.

A hyena took a bite of him from behind and joined her other companions, all Wolfy could do was to growl.

He was surrounded.

He tried to be strong and fought as hard as he could but he was no match for twenty or more hyenas. Hyenas attacked at him from all sides, one by one and ultimately he fell down, lying on his back waiting for his end.

Maybe this how I die, Wolfy was trying to find solace in his untimely end.

He looked ahead and saw a hyena running towards him and as soon as she jumped to finish him off, he closed his eyes and waited for his end.

In that one moment, his life flashed before his eyes.

If you can't do anything good, at-least don't create any troubles, Wolfy's mother shouted at him.

You are the weakest of us all Wolfy, we had so much hope from you but you grew up to become a waste, said Wolfy's disappointed father.

You shouldn't have born as a Wolf, you are a disgrace, said his elder brother after he couldn't even catch a Hare.

He had left the pack after cursing all of them. He hated his Father, his Mother and his Brother, he hated everyone including his old friends who were much stronger than him and he was certain deep within that they all hated him for being weak.

Wolfy was all alone for so many years, he had felt dejected for such a long time and today after fighting an entire group of Hyenas on his own, he was going to die.

He calmed himself and waited for his certain death, moments passed but nothing happened...

Where is the Hyena that jumped towards me? Am I so bad that even hungry Hyenas don't want me?

In that one moment, before he opened his eyes, he heard howling....

He opened his eyes and found his father fighting the Hyena that was supposed to finish him off.

Other Hyenas were either fighting the rest of the wolf pack or were running away to save their lives.

Two of his old friends were standing right besides him, guarding him from danger from all sides.

Even after everything had happened, in the times of need, he wasn't alone, his "Pack" was with him.

Many a times in life, we feel all alone, we think nobody is with us and we begin to hate everybody, but the reality is... We are never alone, it can be our family, it can be our friends, or it can be someone else but always remember, we are not alone... you are not alone, your "Pack" is always with you.


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