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What's the point? Can you change the whole world?

For everyone? Nope. For someone? Yes. For yourself? Absolutely!

But why should I do it in the first place? My time is important, my money I've earned by working hard, my status I've achieved by making hundreds of sacrifices, why should I even bother?

For the humanity...? Most of the people will not.

For the fellow human being...? Most of the people will not.

For yourself...? Most of the people will.

All we need is a different perspective... We never really help anybody but we help ourselves, we the humans are made to be loving, caring and social. Whenever we help somebody Dopamine gets released in our body. Dopamine makes us happy.

Even if we leave the chemicals aside, don't we know doing something good makes us feel great. When we help somebody we feel grateful to be in a situation where we can help others, when we help somebody we look at our lives and realise how much luxurious our life is and how many things we have to be grateful about, when we help somebody our focus shifts from "Me" attitude to "Us" attitude and that us attitude helps us overcome the ego we all have.

So when we help.... Who we are helping anyways? We are helping others or ourselves? Just think about it and if not for others, not for humanity atleast for yourself you should be helpful to everyone else. Don't do it for others, do it for yourself.


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