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Bedtime story for adults. #One

Aren't you too old for the bedtime stories? Hell no, you are NOT!

In fact, we adults are the ones who need these stories the most.... For children, it's entertainment, for us, it is survival.

So, are you ready to lie down and have a good night's sleep? Wait a minute....

Are you....? Are you at peace?

No! Nooooo!

Let me take you to a jungle, let's meet a lion. A very handsome lion, loved by all of his jungle buddies.

"Once upon a time, there was a lion... He used to wake up early and get ready for the beautiful day ahead, hoping for it to be a bountiful day as well... After waking up, he will look at the rising sun across his kingdom, he will look around and enjoy the beauty of nature... Birds of all colors, magical blue, enchanting black, shining red, chirping... Singing in their beautiful voices. That will bring a wide smile on his face... He will then carefully move to a spot from where he could be heard for miles and he will Roarrr.... His pride of lions will join him and the day will begin. Surveying the jungle, marking the territory, keeping the enemies out and making sure all of the inhabitants of his kingdom were happy... He worked throughout the day and not for himself but for the happiness and prosperity of his kingdom. He was proud of his work but he had deep rooted fears.... What if one day he wakes up and finds himself unable to do all of this? What if lions from other kingdoms take over his kingdom? What if his work wasn't enough to keep the animals in his kingdom happy?

These fears kept him bogged down even when he was at the top of his game, he lost all of his sense of enjoyment, he lost all of his peace and happiness, his fears were now controlling him...

One such day, one of his fear came to become a reality.... A pride of lions from nearby kingdom breached his territory and killed some of the animals in his kingdom, he was furious... He became even more active from that day onwards and began to survey and mark his territory even more aggressively. One day, when he was marking the territory, he saw the pride of lions from the other kingdom and after warning them, he asked them to leave. They laughed on him as he was alone and they were four. They threatened him and told him to get lost and forget this part of his territory, king lion kept his cool and after realizing there was no chance of getting away from conflict, he challenged the all four lions to fight. The pride was shocked... This one lion was ready to take on all four lions for his territory, finding him determined to fight, they left without fighting...

He told them not to return, marked his territory and returned jubilantly to his home.

He asked all of the animals of his kingdom to gather for a feast, he told all of them again and again what had happened and found everyone happy for him except one old lioness.... His mother!

She wasn't happy.

After the feast was over, he went over to her and asked her why she was not happy for him? Her sadness baffled him.

She asked him to leave in a cold manner...

He pleaded, what have I done mother? Have I done something wrong? Why are you sad, I can't see you like this....

And I'm seeing you like this since the day you've grown-up. You never told me but you had this fear that one day you will have to face the other lions and today when you really did, what happened? Nothing... but this fear of getting to face other lions kept you sad. I've been seeing you like this since a long time and you can't see me like this for just one day? She gave him a half hearted smile.

He instantly knew what he was doing wrong, he thanked his mother and left without saying anything else.

From that day onwards, whatever came his way, he accepted the challenge but never let the fear of challenges take away his peace and happiness. He ruled his kingdom for years to come and his mother never saw him again sad and crying over future..."

This story is dedicated to you, you are the king of the jungle, you are the lion, don't let the fear of future take away your peace and happiness!

Good night king, good night queen.


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