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Parent an orphan child MISSION.

I, Anuj Harshwardhan Sharma from Gurugram, India, author of this book, am publishing this book on on 26th of February 2022. I declare that anyone can download this book, edit this book and publish this book for free. The purpose of this book is not to make money but rather to reach every single orphan in the world. I have written this book from an Indian perspective, if you are NOT from India, you can edit this book as per your understanding and culture and teachings of your country. If you are an author from another country, you can edit this work as you like but please do make sure that this work reaches its proper audience – The children who don’t have parents.

Thank you.


A mother’s contribution in life of a child can never be contained in a book but here is a sincere attempt from my side to tell those who never had a mother what she would have wanted them to know. These are some common things a mother expects from her child and wants the child to know.


An appeal:

Please help me reach out to the orphan kids across the globe, this is my mission to make sure that there is no kid in this world who feels "I don't have anybody". Let them feel that they too are loved and cared. Let them also feel that they are in our thoughts. You can help me by downloading this book for FREE and taking it to its proper audience - Orphan kids. 


Power of unity:

If we always wait for someone else to take action, this world won't reach far but if we all make sincere effort to bring a positive change in this world, we are more than enough on our own. If we are united and want to change something for good, we certainly can, all we need is support of each other. Unity is our biggest strength.


Harsh reality:

As per UNICEF, there are 153 million orphans across the globe, unfortunately many of these children also child labor and as they do not have anybody to guide them or show them the correct path, many times they take the wrong path and become criminals, if only they get proper guidance at proper time, we can prevent this from happening and make this world a better place for all. Children are not born criminals, their circumstances and lack of knowledge creates one. This is an attempt to show them the right path as their parents world have showed them if they were alive. If this attempt can change the life of even one orphan child for better, I will consider this attempt to be a great success.

Let's Work Together

If you are an author from anywhere in the world or if you just someone who cares, you are free to download this work, edit it and send it to the orphanages in your country. Together, we can change the lives of the less fortunate ones, there is no reason why we should not. Please join me in this attempt to reach out to the orphans across the globe and make a positive impact in their lives.

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