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What is "Work"?

Now this sounds stupid, correct?

Well, it isn't.


So don't be surprised.

Ever heard this name "Chandrashekhar Venkat Raman"? Or maybe C. V. Raman?

Yes, you are correct, a genius scientist, you must be aware of Raman Scatter but how many of you know he was an assistant accountant working in Kolkata (Calcutta back then).

You read that correct and there is no writing error, he was an "ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT", so wasn't he supposed to do the "Debit what comes in and credit what goes out"? What was he doing with science?

This scattering of light (for which he won the Nobel prize) wasn't in any way related to his "work". So how did he do it and the bigger question, why was he "Wasting" his time doing things unrelated to his "Work"?

Well, maybe because he knew his "work" was not "Debit the receiver and credit the giver" and that was just a way for him to earn a livelihood, maybe he knew that all along?

But he is just one man, maybe he was lucky? Maybe it was his sheer luck that he observed the scattering of light? This is no rule. How do we know he thought anything like this?

Okay, let's consider another example:

A genius mathematician, a prodigy, a brilliant mind, the man who knew infinity, "working" as a " JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT" with a monthly salary of 20 rupees per month in 1912. Wasn't he supposed to spend his life learning the ins and outs of "Debit expenses and losses, Credit income and gains"? So, what was he doing with all of those extremely complex mathematical calculations? Wasn't his "WORK" debit this, credit that?

Well, his "WORK" was NOT debit and credit, his work was "Mathematics", he must have been aware of that all along, the tiny compensation and greed of getting ahead by performing better than others in his so called "JOB/WORK" did not sway his determination to prove his worth as a mathematics genius. We all know his name today - Srinivasa Ramanujan.

By now you must have understood what I'm trying to say. You decide what your "work" really is, your "job" might not be your "work". Life is not fair and you might be compelled to work for "money" but that does not mean it really becomes your "work", you are still free to decide what you want to do in life, you are still free to create your destiny. These geniuses have proved that an assistant accountant can be a Nobel Laureate and a junior accountant can be a man who knew infinity.


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