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Never seek exuberance!

Let me tell you a secret, you already have it! Your fears are just not letting you. Have you ever wondered that when you visit Sweden, France, Australia or any other part of the world how happy you will be? Ever wondered like that? That's where the problem lies, if you feel like you have to be somewhere else, if you feel like you have to have something else, if you feel like you have to be someone else to be happy, you never will be.

Why? Because you can't seek something outside that's within you. You weren't born bored or angry or frustrated, were you? What changed? Your childhood was awesome and deep down you know this, so what changed since then? World was like this when you were a child but you were happy, world will remain like this long after you won't be around so what's troubling you, certainly not something that's outside, like it or not, the reality is.... It's all inside you!

"We are going to visit Amsterdam soon, we will have one hell of a time", ever heard that? Well, I have a bad news for you.... If you aren't having one hell of a time wherever you already are, there is no way you are going to have one hell of a time in Amsterdam. You might see new things, you might have new experience but that's exactly where all of it will come to an end, you can't buy happiness by spending money on travel, material or anything else. The truth is... Either you are happy or you are not! You must have seen people TRYING to enjoy their best when they visit a place, do you know why? Because they planned this thing for a long time, they made arrangements, they made sacrifices, they spent money but they forget one thing, if you aren't enjoying that planning, the sacrifices, the spending of money, you will never enjoy your visit either. Most of the time you will be asking yourself, am I enjoying yet? Why am I not enjoying? I'm supposed to enjoy, correct? The problem lies where you begin to seek happiness, you will never find it outside, the day won't come when you meet someone called happiness and you will say.... Hello happiness, It's nice to meet you, I always wanted to meet you.

Either you learn to accept things as they are and make the best of your surroundings or you will be spending the rest of your life seeking happiness and trust me my friend, you don't want to go down that road. That road is more like a highway but happiness is mostly found in the midst of a narrow path riddled with problems and that narrow path is always within.


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