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Bedtime story for adults #Three

A "coward" elephant


"Aaaahhhh..." Shouted Elyp the elephant.

Monkeys, lions and other animals began to laugh.

Stop it monkey, you know Elyp don't like these jokes, said Zebra

Elyp was one of the youngest elephants in the entire Jungle and was known to be the "weakest" and "most afraid".

Even bees can terrify Elyp, added the Snake.

Elyp also laughed at all of the jokes and never cared about what anyone said, it was true that he was afraid of nearly everything but he was jolly, he had a good life, he ate a lot, roamed a lot and his best friend Elly also supported him.

He never wanted more from life... Good food, good life, wandering with Elly and staying away from troubles, that was the "Mantra" of his life.

All other animals loved him, he wasn't any trouble for anybody and supported everybody but life in the Jungle wasn't easy.

There were days when there were troubles, predators took care of the situation most of the times but they were not always around and for a wandered like Elyp, that wasn't a good thing.

One such day, Elyp and Elly were walking besides the river, the day was very beautiful, they enjoyed the view and kept walking, without realizing how far they have come.

Elyp, I think we should return, let's turn, said Elly.

Let's walk a little bit more, I'm in love with this view Elly, don't you love this?

I do but I think we have come way too far from home, replied the concerned Elly.

Yes, you have come too far from home.... An unknown voice said.

Elly and Elyp both looked back just to find themselves face to face with two big lions.

You shouldn't have come here, added the lion who was apparently not looking forward to make new friends.

Judging the situation correctly, Elly and Elyp both began to run in the opposite direction, lions pursued.

Elyp began to shout for help, he knew he won't be able to run faster than the lions.

Help....Somebody help.... Help us.... He was shouting continuously.

That's when one of the lions jumped on the Elly and she fell down, second lion too joined the first lion and they began to get ready for the feast.

Elyp found an entrance to the thick forest nearby and ran for his life, only after a few moments he realized that Elly wasn't with him.

Once he stopped, he heard her cries for help.

Elyp, help me.... Somebody, help me, she was crying in pain.

Elyp couldn't gather the strength to go out and save his friend but he found a safe spot from which he could see what was going on.

He saw that Elly was trying hard to fight off the lions but she wasn't good enough for the pair, she needed help. She will fight one lion off but the second lion will take a bite of her in the meantime, she was fighting hard for her life.

Come one Elly, you can beat them, wished Elyp.

After nearly five minutes of struggle, Elly began to get tired and lions were in no hurry, they were tiring her by attacking one by one.

Elly will not survive this, realized Elyp and now he had a decision to make.

He saw one of the lions jumping over Elly and taking a bite of her as she screamed in pain.

The decision was made, Elyp had fire in his eyes... Without caring for his own life, he began to run towards Elly, he trumpeted and ran straight into the pair of lions, without even realizing, he was throwing them away, he charged at them and fought them off one by one. There was no stopping him now, Elly also joined in the fight and soon the lions were running for their lives.

One decision of Elyp changed the outcome of the otherwise lost battle.

Sometimes, you might feel that you are not up to the task or you are not good enough but trust me my friend, you are just one decision away from being good enough for any task.

You are enough.

Good night.


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