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Bedtime story for adults #Two

A "worthless" bear

In a jungle far away from humans, there used to live a bear, his name was "Bera".

Every other animal in the forest had some kind of responsibility, hunters like lions, cheetah and tigers used to protect the jungle, graminivore animals cleared the excess grass, bees produced honey, monkeys collected fruits, Bera was the only animal who had no responsibility and was seen as a worthless kind.

"The only two things he do is eating and sleeping", "He is worthless" other animals used to say.

Bera tried to hunt but couldn't run as fast as lions and tigers, he tried to clear grass but instead of helping he ended up destroying the grass other animals used to eat, he tried collecting fruits as well but he used to end up eating most of the fruits himself, he tried everything to please other animals but ultimately he had to hear that he was "Worthless and not required".

"You help by not doing anything Bera, just go away" shouted the fox one day.

"You are too big, you eat a-lot and you do nothing, worthless Bera" added some other animals.

It broke Bera's heart and he began to stay away from other animals and spent all of his time alone.

Other animals enjoyed their routine without Bera and loved the fact that "the worthless Bera" was not around.

One such day, there was a storm, all animals took shelter here and there and waited for the rain to stop, whole day went by but rain didn't stop. As night began to spread her wings, animals began to leave their temporary shelters to head home, some of whom discovered that the stream of river they had in their jungle had become a massive river with the stream flowing so fast that they can't get through it. They could swim through the tiny stream but crossing a big river and that too flowing way too fast was beyond their capacity.

They began to panic and shouted their lungs out.... "Help... Heeeeeellllpppp"

Bera was wandering as usual not bothered by the rain and storm (being big has its own set of benefits).

He heard them shouting, first he thought that they must have been surrounded by the outside predators and lions and tigers will take care of the situation, he kept wandering when a Cheetah approached him.

"Bera, some of our friends are stuck across the river, lion and tigers tried but the stream of river is way too powerful for them, can you help? Even elephants have declined to cross the river."

Can.... You.... Help....?

Bera couldn't believe his ears, somebody was asking for help from him?

He said he will try and headed towards the river.

The stream was really very fast and powerful, he found Cheetahs, Tigers and Lions standing there helpless.

Fox, deer and other small animals stood across the river terrified.

Bera placed a foot in the river and judged the power of water.... Maybe I can get through this, he concluded.

He looked towards the helpless animals and without taking another moment, jumped in the river.

Even Lions and Tigers were awestruck, they never thought he will be able to get through the ravaging river.

He went across the river many times and ferried the terrified animals one by one.

That day, fox and other animals apologized to him for calling him "worthless".

Now, you may find yourself in a situation where you might not be "required" but that doesn't mean that you are "worthless". Your worth isn't defined by what others tell you, it is defined by what you do, maybe your time is not yet here but sooner or later, it will be.

Good night.


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