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You should be mentally ill.

Now that sounds weird, correct?

Don't be surprised, you must have read this hundreds of time that normal people don't achieve much but have you noticed that those who do are not just abnormal, they are insane. They are madman. They throw their whole self to one target and that target always seems impossible to a sane person.

What will a common men do with a computer at home, that's plain stupid, hahaha... Bill gates must have heard this hundreds of time whenever he must have told somebody that he envisages every home with a personal computer, today we call him a genius, a visionary, but wasn't he a little mad to think like this? That too when it used to take an entire airplane to transport computer and data? He was a visionary but people called him stupid, mad, lunatic, a gone case, etc. among some of the other fancy names he must have been honored with.

Every person with a vision sounds stupid to normal people and that's where the conflict arises, the madman receives no support from anyone, not even his own family and friends, he is left alone to rot and proceed with his "idiotic" idea.

Exactly the same thing will happen with you as soon as you deviate a little from the paved way created by the society you live in, you are labeled a madman, an insane person as soon as you step aside that paved way and begin to think for yourself.

Let that be! Let them call you a madman, keep following your vision, keep paving a new way for yourself and those who will one day follow you, be proud of being insane and the chances are that you will succeed. The labels given to you by the society is not a way of society to demean you or something but it's just a confirmation that they no longer understand what you're trying to do and they will take no part in your venture, now it's up to you to prepare yourself to walk alone and create your destiny.

In English language they say - If you don't try to find something new, chances are you will never find it.

In Hindi language we have a few famous lines - Seene par jo zakhm hain, sab phulon k gucchhe hain..... Humein pagal rehne do, hum pagal hi acche hain!

Be a proud madman!!


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