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"The youth can run faster but the elder knows the road"

This saying was developed in Africa back in the days when running through the wild was an everyday task. Young men were given the task of running through the wild and hunt, gather and return... but they did all of this under the guidance of their elders, they guided them, their life experience lightened the way of the young.

Today, we live in a world, where elders are seen as lazy, good-for-nothing, old-fart, etc. Nothing has changed except how we look at things.... We.... the young people think that now we have technology with us, we need no-one, we are above everyone else, but is that correct?

Aren't we ALWAYS struggling with our relationships? Aren't we ALWAYS struggling with our jobs? Aren't we ALWAYS struggling with our finances? Aren't we ALWAYS struggling with our dreams?

If yes, why don't we ask for help from those who might know the answers?

This new modern world of technology tells us constantly that we have access to everything, all of the knowledge in the world is with us, if that's correct, why are we struggling with the day to day tasks? Why are we struggling with things earlier generations didn't even think about before doing?

Why are we failing more than we are succeeding?

We read everyday that we are invincible, plenty of gurus are online teaching everything we wish to know about, so why we are not more happy or successful or content?

Maybe, because we know the importance of team work but we've forgot the importance of diversity in our teams, those illiterate hunters in the wild had the power and knowledge of generations in their team whereas we have only two- three of our best friends with exactly the same level of knowledge that we have, so why we feel surprised when we fail?

Those who are elder to you, they might not have been super successful in their lives but they have one thing you don't.... Life experience.... and this one thing teaches you far more than any wisdom guru in the world possibly can. You should never feel ashamed of asking for help from your parents, your elders... be it in your home, office or anywhere. They can become a guidepost of light in your life.

If you really think you are invincible just because you are young and energetic and you have technology AND so you "don't need no elders", you don't need your parents or others, "what can that old man do that I can't"..... There's an old saying for people like you.....

The youth can run faster but the elder knows the road.


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