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Testing the depth of a river

Many a times in life we all come across opportunities too good to leave and none of us want to waste the opportunity by keep thinking till it doesn't fly-by and so we make a dash... and so we make the jump into the unknown.... I'm not letting this opportunity slip.... An opportunity doesn't knock on your door everyday... Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. We use less of our brain and more of our instincts, most of the times our instincts save us from trouble but in instances like these, they become our enemy and as we accept them as the substitute of critical thinking, our destiny begins to roll and we head for a certain disaster.

There is no substitute for proper planning and timely decision, and so while jumping to a conclusion in a jiffy, we should make sure of one thing.... When venturing in a new and totally unknown territory, never put all of your eggs in one basket. Sometimes opportunities look too good to be true and most of the times, that's exactly what they are "Too good to be true". Always make sure that you are not mobilizing and putting all of your strengths in only one direction and that too an unknown one, otherwise there is an ancient saying that will apply on you -


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