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Yes, you are!

Now don't look in the mirror, don't click a selfie.... You already are! No proof is required.

When you see a child crying, the first thing that comes in your mind is "Is there anything you can do to make him happy?" "Is there any reason why he is crying and can you do something about it?" or is it "Why this little fuck*r is crying, shut up you tiny piece of sh*t". Obviously your mind wants to make him stop crying and if possible, make him happy.

When you see an old man picking plastic from garbage for recycling, the first thing that comes to your mind is "Can I do something to ease his life?", "Should I give him anything?", "I wish I had enough resources to help people like him" or is it "Why don't these people die, what's their life anyways, hey.... Why don't you die Oldman?" Obviously you want him to be in a better position, in a far more comfortable position, you may not have enough resources to help him out but that's what you want to do and that's exactly what makes you "pulchritudinous".

You are a ray of home amidst the dark clouds, your magnanimity makes you what you are!

You were born this way, your experiences might change you a bit for a short period of time but deep down inside you, that's who you are, that's your identity, never ever let anyone make you feel otherwise, the presence of this feeling inside you is your only true self, rest is all a fantastic phantasmagoria. Always remember this!


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