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Does that thing even exist? Are you sure?

Let's have a closer look.... A person spends half of his life and sometimes even the entire life trying to attain a certain level where he will become something big but the level we seek, the level we work for, does that even exist? We don't really get an answer to this question by way of - Yes or No.

Let's take an example: I want to be respected by everyone in my office, now there can be two ways to get there.... 1) Demand that respect by beating the best or by beating every single one around.... 2) Earn that respect by being a great human being...

Unfortunately, most of us opt for the first option and with the passage of time we learn that there were never two options, there was only one option and unfortunately we never opted for that one. Our choices are affected by so many different things every single day that we even forget what is real and what is a beautiful Mirage. From movies, TV, culture and society to our personal surroundings, the books we read, the food we eat, everything affects our decisions, now some of you might think, how does what I eat affects my decisions.... Well, if you're eating a burger, chances are that you're going to finish your "meal" in 5 minutes, not enough time for your digestive system to properly work and you'll be back at work in a jiffy..... Not a maintainable lifestyle, is it? Still we opt for it and fall in the never-ending cycle of physical problems that will eventually lead to mental health problems, ultimately affecting your decision making process. Now you'll try your best to regain what you already had in the first place. Frustration begins to grow and now you'll spend a great deal of time trying to regain what you lost because of your own sheer stupidity.

What a vicious circle, isn't it? Now consider this, you always had that proper balance in life... Yes, people will think you're not ambitious enough, yes people will think you're going to be mediocre for the rest of your life but even if they think otherwise, they won't be visiting the hospital with you if you opt for first option and keep fighting every single battle thrown at you.

Is this thing called "Level" even exist? Are we really on the different levels? No my friend, not at all... This is the beauty of "Mirage", a fantastic "Phantasmagoria". That's what it is and we either enjoy the beauty of it or we become a victim of it.


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