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Are you observing enough?

"Raman Scattering" is nothing but an observation that when light reflects, it scatters. "Law of Gravitation" is nothing but an observation that things fall down due to some kind of force. We spend our whole life observing things, observing people, we do it all the time, the only thing that differentiate between a good observer and a normal observer is a questioning mind. We don't question, we just accept and that's what makes all the difference. When we really observe things, we get a new perspective, we begin to appreciate small things because when we look at them, we get to know they aren't really "small" and there's something wonderful about everything. Observation also brings us to live in the current moment, in that moment we have no worries, no work, no sadness or any other feeling, we simply observe. It gives us a breath of fresh air, it teaches us to appreciate and understand things. This one quality is these days considered important for success in work as well, a good observer (while negotiating) knows what to expect from the person in front of him, a good observer (In a battlefield) knows what his enemy will do way before enemy makes any move, a good observer (In an office) knows what is expected of him and how to deliver that. Observation is something we all do all the time, the only thing we need is a little bit appreciation in our hearts and a bit of the questioning mind, this is the surest way to happiness, calm and success.


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