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Let it go!!

Holding on to something? Makes you feel happy or sad? Well, whatever it is, it's time to let it go. Easier said than done, right? Well, every old and experienced person has something to say to you... LET IT GO!!


Remember, you were a child once... You'll literally "hold on" to whatever was given to you, time went by and you became a little older, you began to "hold on" to your favorite toy, again time went by and you began to "hold on" to your favorite comics (you don't even know where that favorite toy is anymore), again time flies by and now you're in college and now you begin to "hold on" to your friends/relationship (Now those favorite comics of yours are lying somewhere in the cupboard), again time changes and you've graduated from college, search for job and new work takes a lot of time and now even those friends are hardly in touch, most will get so much busy with their lives that we will hardly see them again (if ever), we learn to let go of all of these things, our relationships (in most cases) don't last either. Life gives us so many lessons still we decline to learn one thing.... We must let go.

We get on with our lives and begin to feel content and happy with things as they are, we work, we get married, we spend time with our family, we are in our comfort zone, again time flies by and we begin to lose what we thought will always be with us, our grandparents are no more and we begin to feel that one day we will lose our parents too and that nightmare also comes true. We no longer care about material things, now we just want our family to be with us but with the passage of time we learn that nothing stays with us, our children whom we raised are now grown ups and they are also busy with their lives. We tried so hard to hold on to so many things but ultimately we learn what life tried to teach us since we were a child.... We must let go!! The sooner we learn this, the sooner we begin to appreciate what we have with us and though things still change and we have to let go but we live a happier and more content life with whatever we have. Isn't that what all of us want anyways? The only thing that makes us sad is that just like a child, we want to hold on to things we can't control... Learn the lesson life is giving you and just let go!


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