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"Laugh" or "Cry"

It is the same life. You tried and failed... That's going to make you sad. Now this emotion is trying to teach you something, it is trying to tell you something.... It is telling you that "YOU TRIED" and that's why failure hurts... Now you have two options, sit and cry OR take a decision if you still want it, what went wrong and how to make it right. Obviously, it's easier said than done but these are the only choices that you have. You must be emotionally strong enough to pick yourself up and begin to take action, a brief period of feeling down is natural but it shouldn't become an everyday habit. Feeling low for a long period of time gives you a feeling that you aren't good enough, though we hear everyday that we can do whatever we want but this subconscious negativity becomes a habit, we begin to get solace in our feelings. On the other hand, feeling low for a short period of time gives us lessons but we must know when we should stop feeling low and pick ourselves back up. Afterall, laughing is always better than crying.... Laughing after a defeat gives you a sense of confidence in yourself, you know you messed up but you are not allowing that event to create a mess of you...

Choose whichever strategy suits you but this one line is as true as the sun and moon in the sky....

"It is the same life, whether we spend it laughing or crying".


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