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Deep Deliberation, Massive Action!!

Deliberations are good, as long as they don't disturb the real action. If you ever face the dilemma of losing an opportunity because deliberations are not over, at that exact moment consider the deliberations over and take the action. Proper planning can only increase the chances of your success but without act there is no success. Sometimes not doing anything is the best a person can do but you don't know that before you act OR you spend an immense amount of time to explore that possibility.

Time is a luxury, the sooner you understand this the sooner you'll learn how to plan and deliberate without getting tangled in the web of deliberations only. Deliberations are there to help you, not to act as a roadblock in action. Deliberate more or deliberate less, one thing that will remain a fact is that without action, there can be no success.

This is what deliberations can do for you, deliberate properly and at the right time and you can defeat one of the largest armies in the world (80000+ Roman soldiers vs 16000 warrior of Carthage), it's written in history how the Roman Army was massacred in the battle of Cannae. Proper deliberations can win a war for you and that too when the odds are against you but one big factor in that is TIMELY ACTION.

This is what lots of deliberations and no action do for you.... Hannibal Barca successfully led his army of 16000 men to defeat the grand Roman army still he could never take the city of Rome, why? He spent way too much time thinking and never took the needed ACTION after the battle of Cannae. Result? Roman army again became a world power and finally conquered Carthage after defeating him in the battle of Zama.

There is no doubt that you should deliberate but if you spend way too much doing that only.... You won't need any opposition to defeat you, you'll defeat yourself.


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