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Are you?


Okay... Let's agree that you are.

This is where your journey begins.... Life will test your commitment time and again, some people leave their dreams behind when life throws the first challenge at them while others take the hit and keep pushing forward.... Your commitment is challenged again and again till you don't accept that this is a part of the package. The sooner you understand this and accept this, the wiser your decisions become, you know what to focus on and you know what to ignore, your planning improves, your vision that scans uncertainty expands and your focus narrows down. Your core areas of focus are now clear. This is where your commitment comes into play even more....

Life will continue to disrupt your planning but it won't affect you anymore the way it did before. Now you're heading in the right direction but the challenges and uncertainty of life will time and again throw you off balance, it will make you question your dreams and plans, get through this biggest obstacle of self-doubt and now you know exactly what commitment means, take up any challenge now, your success is guaranteed from here onwards.

These lessons you must learn, your life will teach these to you anyways, so before you "commit" yourself to a big dream.... Master these skills and accept the reality. This is how you should commit yourself.


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