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A warrior - That's who you should be!

Weapon changes, spirit does not. Two centuries ago, the way of the warrior followed the way of the sword, today the definition of warrior has changed. All of us are fighting our own battles today and we all must prepare to learn "The way of the warrior".

A warrior needs some virtues, they were relevant a millennium ago, they were relevant a few centuries ago and they are still relevant today.

If we look at Japan, we get a few virtues...

Gi (Integrity)

Rei (Respect)

Yu (Courage)

Meiyo (Honor)

Jin (Compassion)

Makoto (Honesty)

Chu (Loyalty)

These virtues were called "Bushido" or the way of the Samurai.

Today, if we look around, do we need anything different?

"Integrity" saves you from falling for cheap things and in the long term earns you the respect every person desires.

"Respect" this can be summed up in one line, what you give is what you get, ever saw a person who gives respect surrounded by those who insult others, you create an aura of being respectful and attract the same type of people.

"Courage", though people will say otherwise but maybe this one is even more relevant today than it was a few centuries ago, today in the times when you are expected to be nearly perfect in everything you do (Try driving a car slowly on a busy road, you will be cursed instantly, people no longer understand that you may not know how to drive, if you're driving, they expect you to be a perfect driver), every decision you take demands lots and lots of courage.

"Honor", this one is in short supply these days but even today, those who truly understand the meaning of this word tend to be much more successful, widely accepted as well as well recognized.

"Compassion", the one all of us need more than any other virtue today, in the times when all of us work day and night like a machine, in the times when being emotional is considered a weakness, we all need compassion.

"Honesty", why do we have to install security cameras on doors? Why do we have to ask for proof of every single thing in the world, why we can't trust anyone, why we can't even share our feelings with anyone? Honesty, that's what's missing, that's what we have left behind, this age when not everyone is honest, be one.... Be honest and you will attract the right kind of people, your circle will grow and the best of all, most of the people around you will be honest with you. Do we need this virtue? Most certainly.

"Loyalty", something we all desire and some of us even demand.....But are we loyal ourselves? The above mentioned virtues become a foundation for this one. Loyalty is earned from others by giving loyalty to others. You shouldn't expect loyalty if your intentions are to cheat someone, be loyal.... How? First of all be loyal to yourself, be loyal to your goals and life targets, soon this virtue will become a part of your life.

Now, a question arises, what do we get from following all of these so called virtues? Well, maybe not much but we certainly lose "A Lot".

We lose, fake people.... We lose, greed at the cost of respect.... We lose, arrogance.... We lose, selfish attitude.... We lose, attraction to things that don't matter.



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