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If you plan revenge, dig two graves.

This is an old Welsh saying, there are two ways of living life, active and reactive. Active is one where you take action on your own accord, reactive is when you act in response to an act of someone else. The urge to prove yourself when someone calls you "Weak, worthless, second to anyone" is always great but you should always know that the cost you'll pay for proving yourself to one person may cost you countless opportunities along with your discipline. The worst that happens when you do that is that you compromise your self worth. The day you react is the day you dig your own grave, that's the day when you are subdued by that other person. You "Win" the battle by "losing" the war, and that should never happen. We all want to be praised but always remember, ALWAYS..... People praise only what they understand, an accountant may not appreciate the work of a civil/Software engineering and a civil/Software engineer may not appreciate the work of a cook. That's quite normal, so as soon as you try to prove yourself to one person, you've bound yourself to one type of Work/Talent, that's the day when your attempt to prove your worth to the world or better to yourself, is over. Don't lower your standards for anyone. No one knows more about you than you, have faith is yourself. Forget the revenge, forget the urge to prove, forget everything that takes away your focus from your destiny. And if you can't do that, the old saying still holds the truth "If you want revenge, you better dig two graves".

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