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What does it mean to you? A fancy word to throw around? Especially when 15th August and 26st January are nearby?


It is obviously much more, it is an idea, a passion, a way for all, but for "us" the only way.

This will be your identity for the rest of your life, like it or not.

So how do you want the world to look at it? Maybe you're indifferent and don't care. Maybe you believe in "Live life king size/queen size or whatever the fk size".

Still you'll be seen as an Indian.

By now you must be thinking, "what the hell man, so there's no escape?"

No, let me say it again, No, this time in capital letters, NO!

This is who you are, now again, how do you want the world to look at you?

The fastest growing large economy?

The Asian giant?

The country with Asia's largest slum?

Taj Mahal?


How about you????


Yes, yes, you only!

Never thought like that? Maybe you should. Who remembers Chicago and the speech of Swami Vivekananda? We all do.

"My brothers and sisters of America" these words still echo in Chicago.

Why don't you do something? Anything...

Like what? How do I know? I'm not you, am I?

But let me think..... Thinking..... Thinking...... More thinking.....

Okay, here we go.

How about you being an engineer become the best in the world? How about you being a Chartered Accountant create a big4 Instead of working for one? How about you invent something?

How about you expand your horizons?

We all can, not all do.

Most of us live in the world of our dreams and never look at the reality. But let me tell you the worst part "you can't escape it".

So how about YOU become the reality. You define who you are, you can't change the fact that you're an Indian so how about you change the meaning of this word "Indian"? Hundreds of Barbarians (Uncivilized people, criminals) are out there in India and the world knows it, so either directly or indirectly, YOU being an Indian are a barbarian, now you'll say "How dare you? I never did anything wrong, how did I become a criminal/Barbarian?" Well my dear friend, you never brought billions of dollars in India either, so why do you brag about it and associate yourself with it when the world talks about Indian economy? (You can't nitpick the good and throw away the bad, you get both), every fourth year India begs for medals in Olympics, whether you like it or not, being an Indian, you're one of those beggers with a begging bowl in your hand. You can't change the crimes, can you? But you certainly can change the meaning of this word, this identity of yours "Indian". Do something about it or keep crying about how others are ruining your reputation, well you never tried to save it anyways, so why care? Get ready to get ruined!

Only two options exist for living this life as an INDIAN

1) Cry things like "Yaar kucch ni hone wala yahan, India mein log kucch karna hi ni chahte, sab bekar hai, per chhod yaar, hamein kya, chal 4 photos click karke laate hain Australia, France and Germany se..... Live life king size" (Just get over with your life and die).

2) The words I read in book titled "Annals of Rajasthan" better explain the second way of living like an Indian.... "Rakhte sir hatheli pe, chalte Singh chaal hain, Aandhi mein tufaan hain, Prachanda hum bhoochaal hain". (Create your destiny entwined with that of your country).

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