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How? The biggest question. The answer is obvious but not easy. We live in a society where we create a small circle around us, a circle of people and friends, they know us, they like us, but more importantly they are like us.

How many times you've seen a group of friends in which all are Engineers? All are Accountants? Many a times. How many times you've seen a group in which one is accountant, one is engineer, one is doctor, one is IAS and one is a struggling graduate? Can't recall, correct?

Why? Why? Why?

Because none of us want to feel marginalised, there is this social stigma that others judge you. That's not true, nobody cares.

So why don't we go public? Instead of creating this group with wide category of people, why don't we accept each and everyone with their uniqueness? Now all will agree, yes we should.

So when are you going public? Now this is the stage where answer turns into a big fat NO!


Because we like to be approached, "why should I approach anybody" attitude won't let us, so how to go public?

Well, unfortunately there's only one answer in that situation, be something that no-one else is, BE YOU!

But that doesn't mean you'll be approached or accepted by others, this is just step 1.

Second step and the most important step is to DO what others can't or won't, be man enough to put yourself forward.

Step three is to create an aura that attracts people (There's no specific set of rules here), people must know that when they approach you, they are approaching the positivity (Nobody likes the negativity, everyone has problems, nobody likes cry babies). Make sure your aura is positive, your attitude is positive and people feel welcomed when they approach you.

Step 4 is to create long term relationships, if you're one of those who'll get lost as soon as someone else is offering better benefits, soon you'll find yourself standing all alone, so make sure you're not driven by personal greed.

Step 5, LOYALTY is appreciated everywhere, be loyal to the people you meet, TRUTH is appreciated however bitter it may sound (Though if possible, along with bitter truth give some positive advice as well, try to be helpful).

Follow these five steps and you'll attract the right type of people, the type of people who'll become an inseparable part of your TEAM, a team that everybody would like to join, a team that everyone will look up to.

People will notice you, appreciate you and the best - They'll get to know about you!

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