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Were you born to do this???

A luxurious office(Not yours off-course), a tall beautiful building (That you don't own), spending 12 hours a day working (Doing something that others ORDER you to do).

Why do you do this? For money? That's true.

For respect maybe?? No! No! And another big NO. Maybe you have this illusion that people in your office respect you but they don't.

Your juniors "respect" you because you're their senior, they need you. Your seniors respect you (no, mostly they don't), and so what you do to get their respect is by doing their extra work (Sir why are you booking the flight ticket, let me do it, should I book the window seats for your children? They'll like it) This is the kind of boot licking people do to get "Respect" of their seniors. This is not "going out of the way" to help others as zig ziggler had said, this is licking the boots, nothing else.

If you're sitting in the office extra hours just because your senior haven't left though your work is done, that's another kind of boot licking.

These are only one or two out of millions of things people do to earn "Respect" in office.

If you're doing any of this my friend, ask yourself....

"Were you born to do this???"

"What are you getting in return?"

Most of the people are not dying hungry going malnourished still they behave like beggers, why??

Maybe because they'll get a few bucks more by licking boots and with that grand amount of money they'll buy gadgets like Iphones, Apple Laptops, BMW car. Let me think, so you'll sell your self-esteem, you'll sell your respect for these gadgets?? And what do these gadgets get you in return? You think people "respect" you when you have these, now answer this.... When was the last time you looked at an Audi and said, "oh my god, the one driving it is so great, he is God" you never did that, correct?? Then why the hell do you think when YOU have all of that people will "Respect" you?? 

Let's be clear here, you have a grand mobile (Let's say Vertu, what the fuck is an iPhone anyways), you have a grand car, a grand laptop, why should anyone else give a damn? They are busy with their lives, so don't you think it is better to live with a little pride, a little self respect, a little self esteem and stop licking boots in office (The one that doesn't give a damn about you) in a grand building (The one you don't own), in a grand city (Where nobody will even talk to you). I guess it is time we learn the true value of things and stop selling ourselves for these petty things, if we don't stop that, we are no different from prostitutes, they sell themselves to earn, are we doing anything different?

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