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Definition of "Bravery & Cowardice"

What is cowardice? This question gets us back to what is bravery?

Our environment tells us that "king Leonidas" was brave, "Alexander the great" was brave, so does that mean only conquerors are brave or maybe we all have to take up arms to be brave? No, certainly not. Those who landed at Normandy France on 6/6/1944 were brave but what about those who were arranging supplies for them? What about those who were treating injured soldiers that day? What about those women who sent their husbands, sons to war, weren't they brave as well? They were, they all were. Now some people will say, "oh come on... That was the need of that hour", and maybe they're right as well.

Now the question is, are we brave? How do we tell? War in not on, so we can't showcase our "Bravery"? I think we can.

Today, most of the people are busy with their "Jobs", is that the need of the hour? Ask this question from yourself. If need of the hour is something else and you're busy doing something else, in that case my friend you may fall in the category of COWARDS.

But what are the prerequisites of knowing "the need of the hour?"

  • If your family is starving, getting/Arranging food is the need of the hour.

  • If you are not having any basic issue in life, congratulations..... The road to Bravery becomes much more tough....

  • Your surroundings demand things from you, if you're rich living in a poor country, your road to Bravery demands that you create jobs (Yes YOU)

  • If you've a talent, bravery demands you use it for the common good (Common good doesn't mean starting a charity, even if you're earning from other countries and bringing foreign exchange in your country that is also doing "Common good")

Brave are those who look around, accept the reality, accept the challenges and try to defeat them (Victory or defeat is totally irrelevant)

Unfortunately, most of us are so self-indulgent that we hardly look around, till our surroundings don't kick us in the butt, we don't care. We crave for fancy cars, mobiles, laptops but we never crave for success or discipline, working ten hours in office is not even "work" (That's a financial challenge you have to get past before you start your real "WORK", that's a roadblock and not the challenge itself).

Cowards try to tame others, braves tame themselves.

You are brave my friend, all you need to do is to accept the challenge and do something about it. If you're brave enough to accept the challenge, always remember the saying "Veer Bhogya Vasundhara". The world will be yours.....

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